Is you privacy safe online? Who has your personal Information??

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Today, the whole world is connected and available within your fingertips with the help of internet. Even your day to day objects, or physical devices, or any device that can communicate and interact over the internet has a lot of information available within. The expansion of this communication and interaction over the internet, with your day to day objects are simply known as Internet of things (IOT). But do you know what kind of information are available there and who has it??? Lets take a short look at who has these information and what you can do to keep these information safe!!

ISPs has the details of Websites Visited : We do a lot of online research and visit several websites everyday. This information is easily available with your Internet Service Provider(ISP), be it browsed in private window or incognito.

Google knows your age and gender — even if you never told them. They make a pretty comprehensive ads profile of you, including a list of your interests (which you can edit) to decide what kinds of ads to show you.

Facebook knows when your relationship is going south. Based on activities and status updates on Facebook, the company can predict (with scary accuracy) whether or not your relationship is going to last.

Google knows where you’ve travelled, especially if you have an Android phone. All you have to do is go to your map activity/timeline and you can see the places visited, time of visit, how you travelled there etc. You can manage your privacy in your phone setting. Your phone also knows how fast you were going when you were traveling. Its a common feature in all phones with GPS

Your phone knows where you live and work. The Internet knows where you lives. Using the hidden meta-data about the geographic location of where the photo was taken which we share when we publish our photos on sites like Instagram and other social media networks. So just be careful when you activate Geo-tagging in your camera option next time.

Your credit card company knows what you buy. Of course your credit card company knows what you buy and where, but this has raised concerns that what you buy and where you shop might impact your credit score. They can use your purchasing data to decide if you’re a credit risk, and everyone knows how credit scores are important these days.

Your online store knows what brands you like. For every point an e-commerce website doles out, they’re collecting mountains of data about your purchasing habits and preferences. The chains are using the data to serve up personalized experiences when you visit their websites, personalized coupon offers, and more.

YouTube, Netflix knows what videos you’ve been watching. And even what you’ve searched for on YouTube. Amazon knows what you like to read, Netflix knows what you like to watch. Even your public library knows what kinds of media you like to consume. These data are being stored in their database to enhance the way you get suggestions

Apple, Google, Amazon– They know what you ask Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

Your apps may have access to a lot of your personal data. When ever you install an app to your phone/Device you get a notification saying “(App_name)is trying to access your camera/MIC/Gallery/Contact/Call log” and with out hesitation we allow these apps to read our data.

Its very interesting that most of these privacy settings can be changed online or on the devices, and yet most of the users do not care or bother to take the time out to change these settings. Since the internet is being revolutionized its time we take our online privacy very serious as we take care of our personal information in real life. Just think twice before clicking on that “Allow App to access contacts” or “Allow cookies from this site” next time.

‘Stay Safe’


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