How to Spot an Online Scammer

The Internet has always amused us with its unlimited possibilities, however, most of the internet users have come across some or the other kind of online scam. Some ignore these and stay out of it, some(not so lucky) be a victim of these fraudsters.

Today I would like to help you spot an online scammer and save yourself from being ripped.
(These are just basics, Stay tuned for more updates)

1. Something that’s too good to be true!!

It’s simple, someone is offering you an expensive product/service for an amazingly cheap, lower than its half value. Can it be true?? Of course NOT(until or unless it’s a trusted source)eg: – Online Carders selling high-end consumer items for Half the rate   

2. Its all about TRUST (and Money)

They are very friendly to you? Are they offering you their personal detail like Identity card and name? Are they reassuring they are not a ripper and you should trust them?? Before trusting anyone online, do a quick research on them. Make use of online resources, I mean you are paying your hard earned money to someone you met online, Spend some time and make sure it’s true. How hard is it to fake an identity these days.

3. Are they asking for your Personal Details?

Most of the scammers do a mistake of asking for your personal details. It is something they cannot avoid because without your information they cannot scam you or hack/scam/rip you.
So be a good citizen and keep your personal information to yourself.
Eg: Your Mobile service provider or Bank would never call you and ask you to confirm the last digits of your sim card or ask to verify your TPIN out of the blue. If someone calls you asking for these details. ITS A SCAM

4. Urgency/ Pressurising you to make a decision- “Pay now or the offer ends today”.

You are not sure if you should make that purchase, suddenly the person on the other side says- “you know today is the last day” or “the purchase windows closes in few hours”, and force you to make a quick decision and make the payment. There it is the greed to take your money and scam you. STAY AWAY!!

5. There is no contact point.

Initially, they might give you a mobile number or a social media profile to contact them. Is that it??? So once you make a payment how are you gonna track them? they are just going to block you everywhere. Are you ready for that???

6. Mismatch information

They might give you a name and when asked to make a payment the account details doesn’t make any sense to what information they have provided.they might give you reasons like it’s my friend’s account or colleagues account. NOP, its a scam.

As I told you these are just basic ways you can identify a scammer, as time passes their tricks and way of cheating it’s always good to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening around you.

This is my first post, Hope you liked it, you can send your comments and criticism to me. I’ll be more than happy to review it and make the rest of the content more interesting for my readers.


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